Billiard Crypto
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1 - How to buy BIC tokens?

You can buy BIC tokens through presale on Pinksale or buy directly after Listed on Pancakeswap.

2 - Are all tokens locked?

All tokens will be locked for at least 1 month and vesting according to the schedule. in which LPs will be LOCKED 365 days.

3 - What will be the taxes of the token (buy and sell)?

In the early stages of the transaction tax will be applied 2% Buy and 3% Sell, it may decrease when we list the first CEX.

4 - Was there a private sale raise?

Billiard Crypto does not have a Private sale, we only sell them for the first time on Pinksale through Fair Launch.

5 - How to play the game?

When the project launches you can play the Demo version at any time. To play the Play to Earn version you need to own at least 1 Billiard NFT Cue to start earning at

6 - Is it possible to earn BIC tokens from the game?

After each match of the Game you will receive a certain number of points, depending on the rarity of the NFTs you use. Then you can Convert to BIC Token at any time, please note that the conversion tax will be reduced every day.

7 - How to get Billiard Crypto's NFTs?

Players can own Billiard Crypto NFTs through INO or Marketplace.

8 - What is the ROI on the investment in the game?

The ROI will depend on the rarity of the NFTs you use. The lowest is 21 Days and the highest is 7 Days ROI for Extreme rarity NFTs. If you're lucky, you can get your capital back when you buy INO and unlock high rarity NFTs of great value.

9 - Does paying token rewards cause inflation?

Billiard Crypto has found a deflationary solution when using the main cash flow from the project's revenue to reward players, the traders will have to pay transaction fees and they are provided to the reward pool. There will also be sponsorship fees from Brands when they want to promote on our game.

10 - What blockchains will the project release on?

Billiard Crypto will release on the first BSC platform because it is good and optimal for consumers, when the project develops stably, there will be plans to expand to other platforms such as Polygon, Solana and ETH Layers.

11 - What will the marketing plan after launch?

  • Open INO after launching a limited number of boxes.
  • Launching Game Mainnet version in the first month after the end of INO.
  • Contribute 200 NFTs to the first 200 presale investors.
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listing.
  • Verified Socials: Twitter, TikTok, Telegram,...
  • Local Group Main GameFi : Brasil, Turkey , Indonesia,...
  • AMA with Tier 1 Pinksale Partners.
  • Update Information and Trending Push on AveDEX, Dextools, Dexview, Safepal Wallet,...
  • Mini Game Campaign with Partners
  • Game Review by KOLs TikTok, Youtube.
  • Top NFTs Collection on OpenSea.
  • Collaboration with Refinable NFTs Marketplace.
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